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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shades of the Old Soviet Union - "Red" Wolf Acolytes of a Dying Ideology

Jim Beers 7 January 2017

At the end of this short article you will find a “news” item from Arkansas State University. To say that I found it simultaneously sad and reprehensible would be an understatement. As someone that attended high school in the 1950’s it brought back memories about how the Soviet Union was taking children from their parents and indoctrinating them in radical ideas.

The fact that there were incidents after incidents reported of the children “turning in” their parents for simply listening to the radio or even just to make the child look good to his or her “government” parents deeply impressed us kids as we were mostly from happy families with loving parents. I look at that introductory photo below and a real chill goes down my spine as I see what those “happy” Soviet children must have looked like.

But, I am a man of the Twenty-First Century, a wildlife writer and a recovering bureaucrat: and this article is about (the imaginary “red”) wolves as simple youth propagandizing tools.

First, a quick list of comments about the (my) underlined items in the article in sequential order:

1. Nestbox “Collective” – While someone might say Israel has “collectives and so what?” The very clear inference from the article is the Soviet model wherein only those that toe the state line in everything (climate change anyone?) are allowed in society or in this case the University “family”. The ruthlessness of the ideology shown in the article of forcible government intervention to impose their Draconian wishes on others is simply masked here by the “happy” children much like other articles on the imposition of government wolves is often introduced by young women in government uniforms cradling a wolf puppy like a newborn child in her arms.

2. A “panel discussion featuring” “prominent voices in the red wolf survival movement”. –   Just as in the Old Soviet Union (or in “scientific” climate change circles) “prominent” = those that agree: all others are “deniers” and “anti-government’ “enemies of the state” or in this case enemies of the University and “science”. Here we have a State University, funded by everyone, sponsoring one-sided propagandizing by utilizing only supporters of a very controversial matter while again masking it as “happy” students being “led” by “scientists” on the government payroll and no recognition of any credible alternative view. Ah, but they say, “ranchers, hunters, dog owners, and rural residents stage similar publicity stunts”. Whether you call it propaganda or publicity to state your views and influence public opinion: when government or the schools or the lobby groups do so with public funds that is WRONG and like it or not, in the USA under our Constitution it is the right of citizens and not government employees or citizens accessing public money to advocate for policies, laws and programs – especially those that harm other citizens for the imagining of Soviet-style radicals.

3. "Red wolves are the only large carnivore species that is solely native to the United States -- truly 'Made in the U.S.A.” Like old Soviet caricatures of “capitalists” as a propaganda tool, these “comrades” use this imaginary biology as a tool in their propagandizing for a host of other agendas. “Red” wolves are no more a species than Basset Hounds. Why “red” wolves mate with and have puppies with coyotes, dogs, “timber” wolves’, “mexican” wolves, “gray” wolves, Asian wolves, European wolves and even Australian dingoes and jackals when and if the opportunity presents itself. What is a “Specie” comrades? To describe one subgroup of the list I just presented as akin to a giraffe or a rhinoceros is a travesty of common sense as well as, like so many of the Soviet “Directives” a rich source of humor for the keen wit of the Oppressed Soviet citizenry. The “truly Made in the USA” descriptor is such a weak and tawdry appeal to the non-existent patriotism of this movement or the patriotism of their antagonists as to defy comment.

4. The reference” Wildlife Ecology Club at Arkansas State visited’ “because A-State's mascot is the "Red Wolves" is a childish observation that one would expect on a grade school letter to Mom and Dad about an upcoming “field trip” but then like in so many other ways college students are morphing into children from once being young adults preparing to burst forth into the world. Note also the word “Ecology” which, like “Conservation” and “Preservation” appear throughout the article. Nowhere are found “management” or “control” and that is because, again like the old Soviet Union humans are simply the fodder for any governmental whim. In this case we “Preserve” et al and do not “Manage” et al because the human element is not important when in conflict with the animal (“red” wolf in this case) or other government program to enhance bureaucrats, politicians or favored organizations coffers or power.

5. Our erstwhile students and their “teachers” would “like to "bring them (i.e. ‘red’ wolves) back to the wilds of Missouri and Arkansas in the near future," said Regina Mossotti, director of animal care and conservation. So they failed in S. Carolina and Virginia; they are failing in N. Carolina and these folks want to actually spread (i.e. forcibly-impose with ruthless government power) them to TN, MS, AL, LA, AK, MO, KY, IN, OH, IL, TX. This nonsense about MO and AR is right out of the government playbook to “introduce” wolves with millions of stolen dollars stolen from state Excise Taxes and state wildlife programs by federal bureaucrats “into Yellowstone National Park”. Ask the rural residents of WY, MT, ID, UT, OR, WA, and CA how that’s working out for them. One is reminded of Soviet hegemony over the “freed” people of Eastern Europe. When my wife and drove around Rural Hungary for a week years ago; the scariest memory is the abandoned barracks in barbed wire enclosures for Soviet Troop occupiers about every 15 or 20 miles no matter where you travelled. Hungarians had no say in their governance from far away Moscow just like these worthies envision states that have no say in their governance from far away Washington.

6. “Panelists include Ashley Rearden, red wolf species survival plan education advisor, and Pete Benjamin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist and red wolf recovery program supervisor. This is like a Soviet “panel” to discuss the place of capitalism in a communist society: which is to say there is NO such place and if even lip service is given to the topic it is only by a skilled propagandist fooling the public (except the witty ones that make it into jokes in the privacy of their government “apartments” (actually crowded government rooms).

7. “Students majoring in wildlife, fisheries, and conservation; see # 4.

8. “The rarest animals on earth”? That was probably lifted from the same propaganda writer’s handbook that described the Gulag as “re-education” opportunities for those with anti-Soviet viewpoints. “Red” wolves are about as rare as coyotes and dogs whose DNA in significant amounts courses through their (the “red” wolve’s) bodies.

9. The film director sat down with landowners, writers, scientists, nature centers and concerned citizens to examine the cultural landscape. Does anyone see who’s missing or hear the dog whistle? Where are the landowners? Where are the dog owners? Where are the cattle and sheep owners? Where are the hunters? Where are the rural residents strongly opposed to being saddled with wolves of any color despite cutesy-tootsie names like “flower pack” or “OR-1 the intrepid explorer” etc.? Like Eastern European puppets they are conspicuous in their absence at Soviet soirees. Does examining “the cultural landscape” send a chill up your spine? It should because like the old Soviet model cultural landscape = a people or area where attitudes must be changed no matter what it takes. Welcome to George Orwell’s version of 2017.

10. Note the picture of the “red” wolf at the end. Isn’t that a coyote? Is it a cross between a wolf and a coyote? Isn’t that a dog: look at those legs and that gait, look at those ears, etc.? Actually it is all three BUT if you are a hunter, or an animal control person, or someone with a dog being attacked by it, or someone with cattle or sheep being attacked by it, or a kid at a school bus stop as it approaches you, or an elderly lady walking out to the mailbox, or someone trying to sell a home near where a wolf has attacked someone CAN YOU KILL IT? People that have killed such an animal from Missouri; N, E and W; have been subjected to criminal investigation and charges DEPENDENT ON DNA TEST RESULTS FROM GOVERNMENT SCIENTIST. While digesting that, consider that the same ones conducting this charade are the same bureaucrats and “conservation” organization that were quiet as church mice for 30+ years as power windmills killed millions of songbirds, waterfowl and eagles and now that thousands of these “PROTECTED”-Bird-Killing-Machines are strategically located (in wind/bird-migration-corridors) simply grant a “Kill As Many As You Like” 30-year Permit while prosecuting some schlub for killing one of these dogs or picking up an eagle feather!

11. Last but certainly not least is the cryptic plug, “The Endangered Wolf Center is an Association of Zoos and Aquariums”. There are wolf propaganda centers all over. Next to federal government grants, ex-bureaucrats can be found employed all over in these nature centers and “give the bureaucrats more money and power” disinformation centers. This AZA one is a truly classic case in point. When Clinton was President, the USFWS bureaucrat and formerly unemployed Congressional staffer in charge of the $45 to 60 Million stolen from the Excise Taxes and State Wildlife Programs and used to force wolves into the Upper Rockies and to open a new government office in California (each of which Congress had refused to authorize or fund) was kept on as a “career employee” after a GAO Audit had confirmed the misuse of the money. For whatever reason Bush kept him on. When Obama was elected that person then became Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Consider the last eight years. When Trump was elected all such appointees submitted their resignations and must leave by 20 January in two weeks. Many announce their new positions; this fellow announced he would be the Grand Pooh-Ba of none other than the AZA we see here in the conclusion of this article. With his “connections”, just like the Director under Clinton that oversaw the misuse of the funds and put the wolves in Yellowstone and with Bush’s election went on to glory to a big job at the National Wildlife Federation and then to become the Grand Pooh-Ba-ess of the “Defrenders” of Wildlife whom she had placed in charge of wolf damage “compensation” as Director: he is expected to still “stay in the game”.

Thus, like Soviet rulers, our government bureaucrats and anti-American-values-organizations see how to absorb all power and rule the rest of us with the cooperation of ruling cliques preserving their own power bases. Again like the Soviets, indoctrinating the young and marginalizing dissidents is a key part of this. Ruling adults that think and act like children has always been something tyrants strived for. When men stand up to tyrants, as in the Kurosawa movie Seven Samurai and it’s American 1960’s movie copy The Magnificent Seven, this subject is highlighted in brilliant detail. When men submit like children to tyrants they are treated like someone else’s children by the despot. When men act like adult men they expose the real intent of dictators from time immemorial. When Yul Brynner and his 6 colleagues get the drop on the bandit chief set to conduct his annual ravage of the village, the bandit chief asks quizzically, “why do men like you defend these villagers?” When he is told to, “just move on”, the bandit chief leans over and says quietly, “If God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep.”

Questions: are we men or sheep? Are they our children or wards of the state? The way we answer these gives us a glimpse of our future.

Here is the news article mentioned in the first paragraph! Students and Community Invited to See 'Red Wolf Revival'

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades. Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting.  
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