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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to win without science: argumentum ad hominem


The “argumentum ad hominem” is a method to address an argument by attacking one’s adversary’s character. It used to be a fallacy – now it seems to be how anti-industry environmental activists score points when their science, evidence and data is worth very little, or as is often the case, when the activists do not understand the science (but understand the consequences).

58741092Over the last few days, environmental NGOs and anti-industry anarchists on both sides of the Atlantic have been busily refuting scientific findings by showing how some researchers involved have, or many years ago, had ties to industry. Somehow these intellectual neophytes feel that when the evil wand of industry touches a scientist, he or she becomes incapable of a clear scientific observation. The antis surround themselves with others who think the same, retweet them, join in their character assassinations, but as far as I can see, have never actually met any industry scientists.

We don’t want your facts or evidence!.........Where is the science in any of this? That is the point – there is none. Argumentum ad hominem is the tool you use when you have no science on your side.......Burn them at the stake......I learned a lot about how these malcontents attack the person with their pitchforks, taunts and bile.........If we all run and hide, where will the science be?.........To Read More......

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