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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump opposes plan for U.S. to cede internet oversight

By Dustin Volz

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opposes a long-planned transition of oversight of the internet's technical management from the U.S. government to a global community of stakeholders, his campaign said in a statement on Wednesday.

Congress should block the handover, scheduled to occur on Oct. 1, "or internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost," Stephen Miller, national policy director for the Trump campaign, said in a statement. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a former presidential primary foe of Trump's who has refused to endorse the real estate developer, has led a movement in congress to block the transition, arguing it could cede control of the internet itself to authoritarian regimes like Russia and China and threaten online freedom......To Read More....

My Take - Quoted are "technical experts" who claim these are baseless scares, and efforts by Cruz will be "undermining U.S. credibility in future international negotiations over internet standards and security."  What nonsense!  We're supposed to be worried that liars, murders, tyrants and communists won't take us seriously? They've got to be kidding....right?  Orwellian! 

Let's ask - Is the system we're using now broken?  Everyone say it isn't.  If it's not broke what are we wanting to fix?  If it isn't broken why would we want to turn it over the the most incompetent, corrupt repressive people in the planet....and I include the U.N. which will most certainly take it over, corrupt it and charge fees for using it.  Provided you're acceptable to them of course. 

This is a threat far larger than anything I can imagine because no matter how badly things are going in every other endeavor, having access to the truth is far more important.  Because truth lends definition to every issue and that's what gives us the clarity to make good decisions....and the see through the fog of Orwellian clabber being spewed out by anarchists, leftists, and tyrants. 

Do we really believe these tyrants want to control the internet to keep it free?  Yes, actually - free of anything they don't like.  This blog is now being blocked by China and Russia, and now I'm seem to be blocked by Ukraine.  If those countries were still hitting this blog as they were at their peak numbers I would have almost twice as many hits as I'm getting now on a daily basis.  If these people take it over this will be standard practice all over the world.  And yet the business community, including the media are virtually silent on this.  Why?

 We've lost our minds!

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