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Sunday, June 4, 2017

There is No Such thing as “Greenhouse Gasses”

By Adrian Vance May 9, 2017

“Greenhouse gas” is the label used to demonize carbon dioxide, CO2, methane, CH4 and all chloroflurocarbons.

The last two are not IR energy absorbers and there is no “greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere as gases cannot form surfaces like the glass that is responsible for greenhouses gathering and trapping heat.

If there were a shield between the Troposphere and Stratosphere it would work both ways. Sunlight would not enter, nor would any other light. Earth would be utterly dark! If there were a partial shield we would see a much greater intensity of sunlight when our rockets leave the atmosphere, but the increase is gradual and an expected function of the thinning atmosphere.

Nonetheless, every Ph.D. scientist promoting this myth talks about “the greenhouse effect” with seeming authority. They not only know better, but use the phrase as “comity code” telling peers, “Don’t out my scam and I will not expose yours,” justifying it with “We’re getting more money for science!” Ph.D. scientists universally feel they should be getting much more money from us because they are so much smarter than us! That is not the way the world works. We reward new products, processes and services. And, they are not so damn smart.......To Read More....

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