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Friday, February 3, 2017

Columbia University's Climate: A Visit to an Alternate Universe

By Norman Rogers December 3, 2016

The subway stop at 116th Street in Manhattan is for Columbia University.  Is this subway stop a wormhole to an alternate universe, where people look like everyone else but are possessed by strange ideas and incomprehensible ways of thinking? My journey to 116th Street was to attend a lecture titled "What Would it Mean to Understand Climate Change?" It is hard to understand the title of this lecture, and the official description of the lecture increases the confusion:....... Naomi Oreskes is a bizarre conspiracy theorist.  According to Oreskes, the oil companies are running a scam to confuse everyone about global warming by spreading misinformation.  If they are doing this, their methods are strange.  If you look at oil company websites, most oil companies show themselves to be believers in global warming and assert that they are trying hard to reduce CO2 emissions.........Read more

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